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Are you looking to update your kitchen in Reigate? K.Freeman Plastering and Decorating have got you covered, instead of installing a brand new kitchen or looking to have it replaced, we can provide you with a quality kitchen respraying service in Reigate, Surrey. Home to a team of skilled spray painters we have been spray painting and updating kitchens for many years, so if you are looking for a team to provide a kitchen respray, call us today. Along with providing an excellent service, we also aim to make sure that our clients get value for their money. So what are you waiting for, speak to our local decorator team if you’re unsure of how to update and improve your kitchen’s cabinets, worktops, counters, and cupboards. We are professionals and we will suggest the ideal service for giving your kitchen a fresh new look. When it comes to kitchen spray painting we can assist with respraying cabinet doors, kitchen units, end panels, as well as adding new handles. For more information on how we can provide you with a quality finish at your Reigate home, call our team today.

Looking for Kitchen Spray Painting in Reigate?

Call K.Freeman Plastering and Decorating today, whatever your needs or requirements we are always here to help. We have over 20 years of decorating expertise and experience, as well as having a CITB certificate, NVQ level 3 qualification, and City and Guilds assurance in painting and spray plastering. So check out K. Freeman Plastering and Decorating today, we are fully prepared to assist with your painted project. We will make sure that we deliver the best finish possible, no matter what your requirements are. You can also ensure the quality of our work and in our staff because we have undergone DBS and UK Met Police checks.

Homeowners all across Surrey and the UK will put up with a kitchen that doesn’t fully meet their aesthetic expectations. This can be for a number of reasons, maybe it’s too expensive to replace or have new kitchen units or a work surface fitted, it could be that it is disruptive to your household if you are thinking of having a new one installed. However, what is another option for you?

Resprays for Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards & Worktops

Our kitchen respray service does exactly that, giving you a brand-new kitchen without the expense or trouble. To make your kitchen into something you fully appreciate, we employ cutting-edge spraying technology, premium paints, as well as the most recent technologies. Your kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts will be repainted, recoated, and renovated in any colour and finish of your choice. To create a seamless flow across the entire kitchen, we can also spray paint over the existing tiles and then apply a layer of microcement over them. We exceed our clients’ expectations by completing projects on schedule, within budget, and to the desired finish.

K.Freeman Plastering for Kitchen Resprays

So, does your kitchen need a refresh or update? Look no further; at K.Freeman Plastering and Decorating, we are experts when it comes to offering a range of respraying services that are appropriate for kitchen cabinets, drawer fronts, and tops. We use an airless sprayer to give your kitchen a whole new look, what’s more is, we can assist you whether you want a full kitchen renovation or just want some worn-out, damaged cabinets repainted. The skilled staff at K.Freeman Plastering and Decorating will provide you with a high-quality service, from decorating services to complete respraying. Due to the fact that it is more effective than installing a brand-new kitchen, having your kitchen resprayed is becoming a more and more common option. What are you waiting for, call K.Freeman Plastering and Decorating today? 

Our helpful and friendly staff will help you to update your current kitchen when you need it refreshed. Concerned about the mess? When you hire us for your project, we appreciate this and will try and keep the work as clean and tidy as possible. Our dustless sanding tools, spray paint, and plaster generate considerably less mess than your ordinary decorator, and we’ll make sure to clean up everything before we go. We offer furniture respraying services in addition to kitchen respraying.

A Kitchen Respray not only looks like you’ve had a new one installed but can also save you up to 80% of the cost and takes less time to complete

Upcycling your Kitchen is also good for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint and the number of trees being cut down

Why Choose K.Freeman Plastering and Decorating?

It is more environmentally friendly. In order to fully remodel a kitchen, all new cabinets must be installed, and existing units must be thrown away. Instead of purchasing new cabinets, it is much more environmentally beneficial to restore old ones. We provide a wide variety of colours and finishes, giving your kitchen a unique style. There aren’t many colour options when buying new cabinets, but with our paint, you’ll definitely be able to find the ideal shade.

The procedure is quick and effective, the turnaround time is far less than for a brand-new kitchen installation, and we can refresh your kitchen in as little as a week. Re-painting the kitchen takes less time, makes less mess, and is less inconvenient.

Compared to a complete replacement, it necessitates less disruption. Without having to worry about whether your existing appliances will fit or the additional costs of gas fitters, electricians, or tilers, your kitchen will appear brand new. Additionally, there won’t be any construction; all work will be done at your home, where we’ll make sure to clean up after ourselves.

For Kitchen Respraying in Reigate, Contact K.Freeman Plastering and Decorating today

For kitchen resprays in Reigate, the team at K.Freeman Plastering has got you covered. We specialise in a range of kitchen respraying services, including full kitchen renovations and repair work. For more information or a free quote, simply get in touch with K.Freeman Plastering and Decorating today. We offer our services in Dorking, Horsham and Redhill, Surrey.

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