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Microcement Striking, Versatile and Durable

Are you looking for microcement services in Surrey? There’s no need to look any further, check out K.Freeman Plastering and Decorating, we provide a range of micro cement services in Redhill, Surrey. Whatever your needs, from replacing existing tiles with a ceramic style surface, to a wet rooms or your bathroom, we are home to a team of professional team who have specialised in microcement for a number of years. We aim to provide a top of the range service while making sure that our customers get value for money. Should you be unsure of the exact microcement services you require, our experts can recommend the best options for you. Whatever your requirements, freel free to contact our team today, we can always be on hand to help. At K. Freeman Plastering and Decorating, we will take your project to the next level and have over 20 years of experience in the area. We aim to provide the highest possible finish, you can be confident in our work, but you can also trust our team – get in touch for more information.

Microcement can be used for Interior and Exterior Surfaces

When installing microcement (or microcemento as commonly known in Europe), experience really is everything, which is why we would encourage you to let us – a team of skilled microcement applicators – take the job on for you. Microcement, also known as microtopping or polished concrete, is a luxurious decorative coating made up of marble dust, quartz, water-based resins, additives, and mineral pigments and is perfect for application on both interior and exterior surfaces. It is versatile, meaning it can be applied to almost any base material, and some common uses are on floors, walls, stairs, ceilings, swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms, and terraces. Due to its striking finish, it is increasingly being used in both the private and commercial sectors and can be seen in many high-end restaurants, bars, offices, and galleries.

Why is microcement becoming a favourite for property owners, architects, and designers alike?
  • It can be adapted to have various finishes, meaning that we can create a bespoke aesthetic just for you. This material can be coloured in a range of shades, can be matte, satin, or gloss, and can be applied in thick, medium, or fine depth. Using our fine trowel skills, we can craft polished, ragged, brushed, pitted, raked, and many other finishes.

  • The maintenance required is low and easy. Due to its seamless composition and lack of any grout, microcement is easy to clean – day-to-day, water and a mild detergent should be sufficient. 

  • Microcement is a durable and long-lasting material. Despite the thin layer, it has impressive resistance to use, impacts, scratches, and chemical products, and is waterproof.

  • In this day and age, a material’s environmental impact is significant to consider. Microcement involves a relatively waste-free application, has a lower carbon footprint, does not emit volatile emissions, and lasts almost indefinitely. Therefore, not only is microcement a good choice for you, but also the planet.

  • Due to its flexibility, microcement can be used over underfloor heating and is more effective than alternatives as it is applied in a thin layer. These thin layers allow heat from the pipes to pass through with little resistance.

  • There is no need to break up existing floors; instead, it can be applied straight on top thanks to its adhesion power.

Easy to clean, unique, low carbon footprint and flexible.

A house makeover with an environmental conscience.

Add a touch of class and style to bathrooms, floors and kitchens. In fact, anywhere you can think of can have a unique stylish flare

Does microcement crack?

If applied carefully by professionals like ourselves, microcement will not ordinarily crack unless there is significant movement of the substrate that it is applied to (this is similar for most siding materials).

How much does microcement cost?

Like anything, the cost of microcement application depends on several factors: project’s size; the preparation necessary; any obstacles; required finish. Whatever your requirements, we guarantee to provide you with an honest and competitive quote – just get in touch!

Is microcement waterproof?

Yes, microcement is, when sealed correctly by experts like ourselves, 100% waterproof, meaning it suitable for use in shower trays, sinks, and wet areas. 

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