Kitchen Respray
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Rejuvenate Your Home with A Respray Kitchen

Home-owners everywhere live with kitchens that do not meet their aesthetic standards solely because the cost and upheaval of a kitchen replacement are unbearable even to contemplate. However, what if I told you that there was an alternative?  Our kitchen respray service is just that, leaving you with a new-looking kitchen without the financial implication and inconvenience. 

We use the latest technology, high-tech spraying, and the best quality paints to transform your kitchen into something you love. We will respray, recoat and refurbish your kitchen units, doors, and drawer fronts in any colour and finish of choice. We can also apply a layer of microcement over existing tiles, followed by spray paint, to create a seamless flow to the entire kitchen. We deliver projects on time, budget, and desired finish, and surpass clients’ expectations. 

Here are just a few benefits of a kitchen respray:

  • A kitchen respray is much more affordable than a kitchen replacement. The expense of a kitchen replacement can be astronomical – a kitchen respray typically costs around 20% of the average replacement price and can save you thousands of pounds.
  • It is better for the environment. A kitchen replacement involves completely new cabinets and disposing of perfectly good wood. It is significantly more environmentally friendly to renovate existing cabinets rather than buying new ones. 
  • The range of colours and finishes that we provide is vast, leaving you with a bespoke aesthetic. When purchasing new cabinets, there are limited colours available to choose from; however, you will be sure to find the perfect colour with our paint.
  • The process is fast and efficient. The turnaround time is much less in comparison to a new kitchen installation, with us able to give your kitchen a new lease of life in up to 1 week. A kitchen respray takes less time, less mess, and less inconvenience. 
  • It requires minimal upheaval compared to a total replacement. You will get a new-looking kitchen without having to worry about whether your old appliances will fit or the added expenses of gas fitters, electricians, or tilers. There will also be no building work, and all the work will take place at your house, where we will ensure to tidy up.

A Kitchen Respray not only looks like you’ve had a new one installed but can also save you up to 80% of the cost and takes less time to complete

Upcycling your Kitchen is also good for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint and the number of trees being cut down

How much does a kitchen respray cost?

The cost of a kitchen respray depends on the total area of kitchen units requiring painting, any repairs that need to be carried out before spraying, and the finish that you would like. Our prices are competitive and honest, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote – we will be happy to help!

How do you paint kitchen cabinets?

When considering painting your kitchen cabinets, you may automatically presume that a regular brush and roller will give you satisfactory results. However, spray painting is sure to provide the best finish, with no irritating brush strokes or uneven coats to be seen, and ensures a seamless look if carried out correctly. This technique is hard to master, and so to guarantee that you get the best results, it is essential to hire a professional like ourselves to do the job for you. 

Do painted kitchen cabinets look cheap?

Absolutely not; in fact painting your kitchen cabinets adds value to your kitchen (and your house!). Visitors will presume that you have had a complete kitchen refit, and your cabinets will look brand new without the cost and hassle – it’s perfect all around.

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