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Revive Your Home with A Furniture Respray

Do you have a piece of furniture that looks like it could do with a new lease of life or a fitted wardrobe that just isn’t to your taste anymore? We can transform your dated pieces into something that you will be sure to be proud to display in your home. Our team is made up of experienced furniture sprayers and will create the best possible finish, taking your furniture transformation from beginning to end. We will carry out masking, protection, primer application, preparation, final coat, and cleaning, leaving your furniture with a factory finish. The paints that we use are durable and environmentally and responsibly sourced, and we have found them to be considerably better than the usual off-the-shelf products. As well as this, the paint colours can be matched to any paint manufacturer’s, and they are available in a range of sheen levels. We can also provide kitchen resprays.

Here are just a few benefits of a respray:

Reasons to have your furniture spray painted:

  • Spray painting furniture saves time compared to using a brush and roller. Spray paint involves applying thick layers, meaning that the finish is smoother and more durable
  • It saves you money. Having your furniture spray painted keeps you from potentially needing to spend hundreds in the department store because you are provided with a new-looking piece at a fraction of the price. 
  • The finish achieved is unbelievable. When performed by professional paint sprayers like ourselves, you will not even be able to tell that it has been painted at all! 
  • The mess created is minimal and quick to tidy up (we will take care of this for you), meaning that you can get to enjoying your rejuvenated furniture without having to worry about clean-up. 
  • It is a relatively environmentally friendly method. Spray painting reduces the need to throw away old furniture and buy new (which wastes the planet’s resources), and instead gives it a fresh look, you will be astonished that you ever wanted to throw it out! When spray painting, much less paint is wasted than conventional brush painting – reducing unnecessary wastage of materials.
  • An even distribution of paint is achieved across the surface because the even layers do not gather in corners or create unavoidable dribbles and bumps. For the perfect look, spray paint is second to none. 
  • It is a versatile method, which can be used on almost any surface. We can spray anything from side tables, bookcases, rocking chairs, wardrobes to complete dining table sets. No matter the project, we will ensure an unblemished coating in the colour of your choice. 

This fireplace was given a new lease of life with a respray. The smooth, even finish complements the marble surround and reignited the focus point of the room.

Des CampbellDes Campbell
21:25 05 Apr 23
Kevin did a fantastic job transforming our kitchen, by micro cementing over black glossy tiles. I was really impressed with the finish and several months later the end result still looks like new. I got him back to spray paint a dressing table. Kevin is very jovial, considerate and tidy. He comes highly recommended.
Brett LawrenceBrett Lawrence
09:22 13 Dec 22
Kevin came to assist us with removing a broken integrated dishwasher that had been built in to the point that replacing it was incredibly difficult (local retailer had tried twice a failed!) due to the custom kitchen setup.After exploring a few options, it needed some cutting out but Kevin's methodical approach, meant that we've ended up not only with the unit removed but also a way around creating the same problem when we put the new one in...and can easily reinstate the woodwork so it looks like new again.After what was a genuinely stressful (dinner guests on christmas day with no dishwasher!!!) situation, we now have a solution that means we can get a replacement fitted in the next few days....and we're delighted!What I have to say is that Kevin reached out to me after posting a question on local social media and was incredibly helpful to do so....we were at our wits end and Kevin's solved it for us. A genuinely nice guy who got us out of a mess!Would definitely recommend him!
Sara-Jane ArcherSara-Jane Archer
15:39 12 Dec 22
Kevin was fantastic. He was very professional and amenable. Our old kitchen is completely transformed. There were no corners cut and it was kept tidy and safe throughout the process . We couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Lisa SpenceLisa Spence
15:17 09 Dec 22
Kevin gave our fitted wardrobes and bedroom units a makeover last week and we are delighted with the results. Kevin was really friendly, really tidy and gave great advice when we were struggling with the exact shade of white, he gave us a recommendation, we love it and the finish is fantastic. We also asked him to paint a feature walk for us whilst he was here and he was more than accommodating and it looks perfect. Would highly recommend and will use in future. Thanks Kevin and sorry about all the annoying pets!
Anne GilpinAnne Gilpin
18:26 04 Nov 22
I needed a few small plastering jobs done in my living room. I had googled local services and Freeman Plastering came up. My experience was very positive from the outset, Kevin was polite, friendly, on time, did a fantastic job and in my opinion pretty reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend him.
Sean RuthSean Ruth
15:57 31 Oct 22
Great work and very happy with the job Kev did for us. Several rooms painted including spray painting kitchen cabinets and doors. An excellent job and it gave us the finish we wanted from the start. Great communication and engagement about our needs, reliable and communicative throughout. Left the house clean and tidy and was always willing to help. Will definitely be using this company again.
Cris AlderCris Alder
17:40 23 Sep 22
Professional, efficient, skilled, great attention to detail and a top bloke too! Can't recommend Kevin enough. He's decorated my entire house from top to bottom and resprayed my kitchen cabinets . Quality of his work and the finish is outstanding.

An old bedroom wardrobe and drawers set revitalised to give a fresh and modern feel

Is it okay to spray paint wood furniture?

Spray painting wooden furniture is one of the best ways to revamp your pieces, and we have the experience and skills to do this to the best quality. We can even freshen up outdoor wooden furniture by using special moisture-resistant paint.

How much does it cost to get furniture spray painted?

The price of having furniture spray painted is dependant on whether the piece needs any kind of repair or filling, the colour and finish required, and the size of the project. 

Can I have new furniture sprayed?

At Freeman Plastering, we can spray new furniture and old pieces. Perhaps you have bought a new wardrobe and realised that it is not the shade you expected, or you loved the design of it, but they did not do the colour you were looking for, whatever the situation, we can help. We are experts at spray painting both new and old furniture!

Why not take a look at the other services we provide and see how we can help transform your home with a little special style and panache without the extravagant cost!