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Freeman Plastering is ready to take your project from the plastering to the decorating without the need to hire separate contractors. With 20 years of decorating and 15 years of painting experience, as well as a CITB certificate and being NVQ level 3 qualified and City and Guilds assured in painting and spray plaster, we are sure to offer the highest possible finish. Not only can you be confident in our work, but you can also be assured of our team – we have been DBS and Met Police checked.

The current Covid situation has affected many plans, but we will not let it disrupt your plastering and decorating project; we ensure the worksite’s Covid safe setup – your safety is paramount to us. Our team covers as far south as Brighton, up to Croydon, and as far East as Edenbridge, across to Guildford, and anywhere in between! 

So, whatever your plastering and decorating needs, whether commercial or residential, we are here to help by providing honest work to a high standard. In order to ensure we are able to keep our promise, we only take on one project at once, meaning we will finish on time, leaving you with an amazing job. Are you worried about the mess? We understand the trust you have put in us when you choose us for your project, and our dustless sanding equipment, spray plaster, and paint creates much less mess than your average decorator, and we will be sure to clean up before we go.

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Kitchen Respray

Do you want to change up your kitchen without the cost of a complete renovation? If so, our kitchen respray service may be the perfect option for you! We will respray your cabinets, leaving you with a new-looking kitchen that you are sure to be happy with.  We will assess your kitchen cabinets’ condition and consider your needs and carry out any filling that is required before getting to work with the spray paint. You might think that you can just paint your cabinet doors with brushes and rollers, but you will be unlikely to achieve a uniform, professional-looking finish – spray paint really is the best choice.  The cost of a kitchen respray is typically around 20% of the kitchen renovation price, meaning you get a complete transformation without the hefty expense: a new coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets can, when done well, completely change the look of your kitchen on a minimal budget. LEARN MORE…

Originally an Oak finish, these cabinets are now a Dock Blue colour. Painted using Renner Coatings and an airless sprayer.

Chairs, tables, wardrobes, in fact anything you can imagine can be resprayed. Even this Log Cabin! Give us a call and see.

Furniture Spray Paint

Here at Freeman plastering, we use the best furniture spray paint to breathe new life into your older pieces of furniture; whatever your desired finish, we are sure to be able to help. We will expertly prepare your furniture before spraying, to achieve the quality finish that your furniture deserves. 

We spray paint anything from wardrobe doors, to antique chairs to original door frames, with a range of finishes. Spray painting your furniture has many advantages: it ensures even coverage without brushstrokes; it is much faster and more time-efficient; it can be used on nearly every surface; it provides a durable finish. 

However, the fumes that spray paints let off are hazardous, and so it is advised that a professional take on the task; they understand the risks and necessary precautions, keeping you and ourselves safe. Why do it yourself when we could do it for you? LEARN MORE…

Venetian Plastering

The history of Venetian plaster dates back as far as the Roman empire, and it was developed to be a decorative wall finish that was similar to marble or granite. Traditional Venetian plaster is made of lime or gypsum infused with natural marble dust and is sometimes known as marble plaster or polished plaster; the modern-day version comprises synthetic materials. 

There are many Venetian plaster techniques, some of which you may have heard of – marmorino, scagliola and travertine – but the possibilities are almost endless. Our Venetian plaster service is a long-term solution, meaning even a simple white ceiling will look fantastic and never need to be painted again. 

If applied by a highly skilled plasterer (such as ourselves), you will be left with an exquisite finish that mimics pure marble. Venetian plaster’s beauty is not compromising its practicality as it is durable, versatile, easy to maintain, long-lasting, adaptable, and eco-friendly. LEARN MORE…

Venetian Plaster is a beautiful Italian rendering that produces an amazing marble like finish to give your room an extra level of unique style

Microcement creates fantastic multi-coloured & textured features and can be used on walls and worktops.


Perhaps you’ve seen the photos of people’s dreamy polished concrete floors; well, what if I told you a similar effect could be created at a much lower cost and in less time. Our microcement application service will leave you with a highly decorative seamless concrete finish.  It can be used on floors, ceilings, or walls, and it not only has an aesthetically pleasing appearance but is also highly durable – it has excellent resistance to use, impacts, scratches, and chemical products. Microcement can be used over virtually any base, even tiles, and can be used in a bathroom, wet room, kitchen floor, kitchen worktop, feature wall, and so much more.  The material’s thickness is around 4-6mm and so does not affect the structural load of the building. It can be finished in a variety of colours and textures for a unique contemporary look. It is eco-friendly and is understandably hugely popular with architects and designers around. LEARN MORE…

STUCCO Plastering

What is Stucco? It is a decorative coating that can be used on walls, ceilings, and external building siding and is comprised of lime and polymers. It hardens into a durable material that requires very little maintenance and can be applied to create various finishes. 

We will work with you to create your perfect finish for you, and whether it is a lace texture, smooth finish, dash texture, coloured or neutral, we can help. Having stucco on the exterior of your home can be a way of increasing your house’s value as it is energy-efficient, low maintenance, rot-resistant, and in general, just adds curb appeal. 

If used inside, it can create interesting textured walls, adding depth to your room. Stucco is becoming an increasingly popular choice for high-end restaurants and classy office buildings, as well as trendy homes, so why miss out? LEARN MORE…

STUCCO Plastering provides a myriad of textured effects to bring your walls alive.

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