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What is STUCCO?

This cement-based plaster has been used on houses and buildings for centuries, and its appearance will be something that you are familiar with. Stucco, sometimes referred to as ‘render,’ is made from  lime and polymers combined to form a plaster. It is porous and adheres well to a range of surfaces, such as concrete, masonry, brick, wood frame or steel frame, making it one of the most diverse building materials out there. Not only is it practical, durable, and easy to maintain, but it also looks great – it can be applied in a variety of ways to create a range of finishes, and pigmentation can be added for colour.

Why do we recommend Stucco to our customers?

  • It is incredibly durable. When applied correctly by professionals like ourselves, stucco is rot-resistant, and provides an excellent seal against the rain and snow (as it is seamless). Depending on the climate, stucco on a home can last up to 100 years with little or no maintenance. 
  • The maintenance required is minimal. When having siding installed, the last thing you want is knowing that you have years of intensive care ahead. However, with Stucco, you can be reassured that this will not be the case, and instead, the finish on stucco homes can have a long lasting affect with little or no maintenance. It does not need to be painted repeatedly, reinstalled, replaced, or regularly cleaned, unlike many similar alternatives.
  • Installing Stucco is likely to add value to your home. This is because there are many well-known benefits of Stucco: energy-efficient, fire-resistant, sound dampening; it adds significant curb appeal. So, not only is this form of siding beneficial for you and your house now, but it is also a long-term investment. 
  • The installation is quick. Stucco is quick-drying, meaning that our time working on-site is significantly reduced compared to other methods. 
  • A variety of textures, including smooth, and colours can be achieved. Our experts can create numerous finishes based on your wishes. Whatever your taste, talk to our team, and we will create the perfect aesthetic for you.

Textured Two-tone Stucco with Copper sealer, producing a beautiful finish that would would have all your visitors talking

Stucco can provide a durable, long-lasting unique style to any room in your home.  

What is the difference between stucco and plaster?

Although there are many similarities between stucco and plaster, there are several differences. The term ‘stucco’ refers to a particular type of plaster; it is generally rougher than plaster, although can be also be smoother is more versatile than most types of plaster, but it is also typically more difficult to apply, with surfaces needing to be prepared before. This preparation often involves putting a metal lath on the wall, on top of which the stucco is applied in 3 layers – ‘scratch’ coat, ‘brown’ coat, topcoat. 

How long will stucco last?

On average, we would expect stucco to last between 50-100 years, and possibly even longer! So it really is a great, durable material.

Is stucco fire resistant?

Yes, it certainly is! This material has been put to the test and is reported to have an impressive 1-hour fire rating (meaning that homeowners will have 1 hour before the material is affected by the heat and fire). It is vital that professionals like ourselves apply this finish to ensure maximal fire resistance.

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